M&A Transaction Survey Results

meeting M&A Transaction Survey Results

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a primary channel to achieve corporate growth. However, M&A integration failure rates are significant. To further investigate, ModalMinds developed an M&A transaction survey to identify challenges and to help establish an understanding of how M&A integration success can be improved.
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50 executive M&A respondents were sourced from a variety of executive LinkedIn groups relating to: M&A Professionals, Harvard, Stanford, and Pepperdine University Executive Education cohorts, and Accenture Alumni.  Respondents held one to many senior level roles as identified in the bar chart above. Participating respondents had significant M&A transaction experience, with 92% of respondents being involved in 2 or more transactions and 42% of respondents involved in 11 or more transactions. Size of organizations represented was split between large, midmarket, and small business with 24%, 41%, and 35% representation respectively.

Pre Close Challenges

Survey results indicated that Integration Planning and Operations Review were the most challenging areas to address Pre-Close. We believe this is due to the complexity of these activities in the pre-close phase where time constraints are significant.

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Post Close Challenges

The greatest challenges post close related to Operations Integration and IT Integration with existing and often stretched operational staff taking on integration tasks 90% of the time. Surprisingly, a significant challenge was also the setup and execution of the Integration Management Office (IMO). This may be due to only having dedicated IMO staff 36% of the time based on our results.

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Business Results

Reported results of M&A transactions indicated that there was a 38% full success rate in meeting board level expectations, with the bulk of M&A transactions leading to sub optimal results. It should be noted that a majority of transactions did not undergo independent audits or post mortems that can better determine success rates and areas of improvement.

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Contact us and place “M&A Survey” in the subject line to receive the full survey in PDF format that includes detailed survey responses on topics:

  • How non-financial elements are best evaluated during due diligence
  • Greatest challenges faced during an M&A transaction
  • Most important factors driving M&A success
  • Optimal reporting structures for M&A integration teams
  • Other important feedback

We thank all respondents of our survey in addition to our affiliate partners: Transaction Integration Partners and Abyss Program Management.

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